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Lightomated is a Premium Home Automation System Integration company, dedicated to ease your life by getting your entire product control to one touch. We showcase the most premium brands in Home automation and Audio/Video. From product selection to installation, we specialize in understanding your requirements and executing it in the best way possible, aiming to enhance user experience.

Mr. Vickey Koul is the founder of Lightomated, he has done his Bachelor’s of Engineering (B.Tech) in Mechanical engineering from the YMCA Institute of Engineering. He is an Industry Veteran, with a background of having worked in Bose for a couple of years, after which he moved on to Smart City Consultancy, during which he consulted many state governments.

In an interaction with Techxty, Vickey Koul talks about the role of new technologies in the process of home automation. Read On!  

Tell us something about yourself and what does your company do?

Lightomated is one of the pioneers in home and office automation and integration in Delhi NCR. It is mainly dedicated to making your life easy through the entire control of your home or office with just one touch. From product selection to installation, we specialize in understanding the requirements of our customers and execute in the best possible way. We simplify your life by providing services like safety, security, audio/video installations, etc. and work with both customers as well as Architects and Interior Designers to implement projects. For using Lightomated services you can directly contact the dedicated project manager for consultation and inquiry. I started this company last year, after having worked as an Automation and Smart City Consultant for a couple of years. 

What is the role of AI in home automation?

With every passing day, technology is upgrading with some or the other new feature. The smartphone revolution coupled with wi-fi technology has given this segment the required boost and home automation is now witnessing mass acceptance across individuals and also with real estate developers, who are now looking at developing smart homes. The integration of AI has redefined the role of home automation. The home automation devices are connected with voice-based artificial intelligence. These devices are capable of being configured as per our requirements and today, we can practically talk to our home and control each and every appliance and device, through voice-based technology.

How IoT is shaping the future of the home automation industry?

IoT is supremely transforming the way our devices interact. We live in a generation where smart devices are taking autonomous decisions. There are a lot of unique innovations coming out in the market to minimise the human efforts by adopting IoT to home automation. This technology cannot be considered as an entertainment tool but it promptly covers other important aspects related to our daily life. It saves time and brings productive changes in the routine. The trouble-free technology of IoT is shaping the future of home automation vastly.

How does big data analytics add value to the smart home?

With the help of technology, any home can become a smart home. Therefore, many IT professionals are using Big Data analytics specifically for smart homes. The delivery of a particular piece of a smart home includes a number of processes as well as technologies. It can come from a local scan or from an offsite server. The off-site server concept means cloud-based analytics. According to the research and estimate, the global smart home market will grow by $53.45 billion in 2022. Based on data analysis, flight research predicts that this global market will generate $11 billion in total revenue by the end of 2026.

How machine learning algorithms is benefiting home automation?

Machine learning algorithms can give an important role to make any normal home automation to the smart home automation system. It helps to predict user activity. Machine learning has a remotely homogeneous objective than Data mining with the difference that the patterns found are executable structures that can be applied to fresh data in order to predict future data. 

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