How Wearables Influence the Future of Mobile Applications – Ravish Yadav

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The advents in technology have led to the dawn of digitization and the growth process has paced up exponentially. Especially, the communication industry has advanced a lot with the rise of smartphones and it was soon followed by the entrance of Smart Wearables in the market. The wearables market is growing at a phenomenal pace, and the number of connected wearable devices is going to cross 830 million in 2020, as per Statista. Whether it is smart glasses, smart watches, hearables, fitness and health trackers, smart jewelry or smart clothing, the success of wearable devices depends on their mobile apps and its integration.

The early demand that arose in Businesses, military forces and medical practices soon took over the private consumer market as well. Majorly focused in the segments of healthcare, fitness, and communication, the Smart Wearables are synced with smartphones for the personal interaction with a user, and that is achieved using Mobile Applications. There has been a significant growth in the mobile apps owing to the increase in demand of wearable devices. The figures from Statista projects nearly 258 billion app downloads by 2022 to the connected devices.

Advancements in the Mobile Apps for Wearable Devices

Evolution of mobile phones with futuristic approach has become very critical, but it is not the only sector which is growing rapidly. The advent of wearable has also become a hot trend in the current market. The application of wearable devices is expanded to different spheres of the industries such as Entertainment Industry, Healthcare Industry, Lifestyle, and Fashion Industry. Consider the fact provided by Statista, there are nearly 2.5 Billion smartphone users all over the world and more than 178 Billion mobile apps are downloaded every single year. With wearable facilitating in different areas the use of mobile apps will shoot up even higher in the coming times.

The Mobile Application development industry is going to be led by the evolution of wearable technology. As of now, the devices with smart sensors and internet connectivity for data exchange need a strong interface that is created using apps. There will be a need of expansion in mobile apps to create interfaces with more precise features, biometrics, advanced censors mechanism to exploit the most out of wearable devices in all the service segments, from healthcare to communication. The last decade has shown some phenomenal advancement in the wearables. In near future, these wearable devices will also predict the user behavior apart from taking vital statistics and on that basis, the products will be further developed and evolve. At the core of this evolution, mobile apps will play a crucial role.

In the wearable tech ecosystem, dynamic changes in the screen sizes, ergonomic user interfaces with precise features, easy accessible tabs, customizable capability, smooth functioning, low data and low battery consumption, seamless data transmission, biometrics, semantics, and real-time advanced communication will be facilitated through low bandwidth and lightweight mobile apps with speedy processing ability. Data security and Cloud-based storage systems will also enhance the capability of the wearables through smart apps. The coming times will experience diminishing fringes between humans and technology, and mobile apps will play a greater role in this realization.

(The author is the Marketing Manager at Riversong India –  a smart gadget company with “Innovation Inspired” as the core principal and aims at providing smart devices for smart people who like to be connected “smartly”. Riversong provides state of the art smart devices for your fitness, safety, adventure and music needs.)

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