The Beauty Industry Is Turning More Beautiful By Fusing New Technologies

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There has been marked a prominent growth in the beauty industry in India that originated in the early 20th century. The beauty products include anything thing from artificial to natural that enhances or changes the appearance of the face or texture of the body in a better way, constituting a wide range of chemical compounds derived from synthetic or artificial sources. The most common beauty product includes the kajal, mascara, lipstick, face powder, eyeliner, eyeshadow, lip liner and many more. Many companies are selling the beauty products amongst which the largest cosmetic companies are Johnson & Johnson, L’Oreal Paris, Gillette, Neutrogena, Nivea and Chanel, Inc. Due to the rising beauty concern in both men and women the beauty industry is continuously moving on the positive upward graph. Since everything encircling us is developing and new standards of life are being created. The new technologies are continuously evolving and diversifying every industry. The most wondrous of these technologies are artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, data science, and many more. These trending technologies are responsible for accelerating the rate of development and is capable of fulfilling the human desires promptly. The beauty industry is also incorporating new technologies and bringing forth a more beautiful beauty world. Let us have a look at how new technologies are impacting the beauty industry.

Personalization with Artificial Intelligence

The most common problem faced by a lot of women and men who use makeup is to find out the exact shade of the foundation, not being a makeup champ the shade we select for ourself is not the most perfect one, but we go on with our choices because we don’t have any other option to go with, also we cannot every time higher a beauty expert for the same. Manually exploring the shade becomes a very difficult and time-demanding task. In order to solve our problem, the beauty industry is consolidating artificial intelligence technology and machine learning algorithms. The L’Oreal subsidiary Lancome has come up with a custom-made foundation machine called Le Teint Particulier, which professes to find the “exact match” for our skin using AI. This machine will help us find the accurate shade for our skin in a very shorter period.

Choosing with Augmented Reality

The augmented reality technology is allowing the customers to choose from a large range of cosmetic shades without even trying it. With the help of this technology, the app has been developed that allows the customer to get real-time experience without even physically touching the products. It enables us to select from a variety of lipstick shade and gives us suggestions regarding the best shade that will suit us with the help of face recognition and image tracking technology.

Smart Tools

Pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, etc. are always a problem for most of us. To detect it a smart skincare tool has been developed that detects the pimples and other problems arriving on our face every time we scan our face through it. It tells about the intensity of harm caused on our skin so that we can provide a remedy at the initial stages itself. It is also capable of spotting the tanned skin and rate us from good to bad with the healthcare and skincare tips.

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