Some Basic Smartphone Hacks To Simplify Our Lives

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In a world where time is everything, people are paid for their time. There are technical developments that are working on saving our time. The new technological advancements are making our lives easier and smoother. It is saving a lot of our time and money by building a smatter life for us. One such invention is smartphones, which has concurred our lives all over, other than food, clothing and a house to live, smartphones have become another basic necessity. It provides us with instant communication, web surfing, entertainment, education, productive apps, GPS, health trackers and many more. This single device provides us with lots of productivity, therefore, it is necessary to know some important smartphone hacks.

Smartphone Hacks

Fast charging

The new smartphones are inbuild with fast charging features with vooc chargers but what if we don’t have this feature in our phones? We still can get our phones charged quickly, not as fast as the vooc charging capacity but still faster. This can be achieved by keeping our phone on airplane mode. Enabling the airplane mode and connecting it to the charging makes our phones charge much faster.

Pump up the volume

We often like to listen to music in a loud voice but we are not able to do so due to lack of instruments, speakers, etc. The musical instruments can not be always available to us. Sometimes we wish to listen to music during the shower but the noise of the water does not let us do so. This one very simple hack will solve these problems. To increase the sound of our smartphones we just have to put our smartphone in empty glass or bowl of oval shape. This will amplify the sound.

Reinforce cracked chargers
The most common problem that comes with the smartphone is that its charger starts to bend, crack, break very soon. We just need to Reinforce them with some heat shrink tubing and yarn.  After that wrap the tubing around the damaged part and gently warm with a hairdryer until it shrinks down to a snug fit. Then wrap with colorful yarn for an extra layer of protection.

Download Black wallpaper

We constantly use our smartphones for all types of work, using our phones on such a rate also drains our battery very quickly. In order to prevent our battery from draining we can use black color as our wallpaper. when the phone is set to homes screen there will be no need to use battery life to make sure it’s backlit.

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