Bridging the Social Connectivity with New Technology

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Social media are the websites which are developed to share the information, photos, ideas, opinion, etc with others. These are interactive Web 2.0 Internet-based applications. It allows users to create their profile with all kinds of specifications according to their choice. The user can easily connect with their friends or anyone through their profiles. These social networking websites has bridged the gap between people. People can digitally interact with each other with just a click.

Communication before social media
Before the development of social media, people used to interact with the help of letters or telegram which use to take a lot of time to convey information from one place to another. The duration of conveyance was dependent on how far the information has destined. With new developments, the telephonic conversation came into use. People could call their relatives for any conversation. With more development, smartphones came into use which is easy to carry, unlike the landlines remains rigid at their place. After sometime social media emerged which made the connectivity simpler. People can easily send their pictures, have a video conversation, share any document, etc very easily.

Development of Social media
According to data, GeoCities was one of the Internet’s earliest social networking websites, appearing in November 1994, followed by Classmates in December 1995 and Six Degrees in May 1997. According to CBS News, Six Degrees is “widely considered to be the very first social networking site”, as it included “profiles, friends lists, and school affiliations” that could be used by registered users. Open Diary was launched in October 1998; LiveJournal in April 1999; Ryze in October 2001; Friendster in March 2002; the corporate and job-oriented site LinkedIn in May 2003; hi5 in June 2003; MySpace in August 2003; Orkut in January 2004; Facebook in February 2004; Yahoo! 360° in March 2005; Bebo in July 2005; the text-based service Twitter, in which posts, called “tweets”, were limited to 140 characters, in July 2006; Tumblr in February 2007; and Google+ in July 2011.

Social media and Technology
Technology has brought a revolution in the way people communicate, with so many advancements we can connect with anyone worldwide in just a click, starting from messages to emails then chat and finally reaching the video-enabled calling. With big data analytics, a large amount of data of millions of people can be handled effectively. With AI advancements the security has also been boosted. People cannot be in digitally reach with anyone without his/her permission. Photos and videos have privacy and security options thus no one can download our personal data. Social media therefore, have now become the favorite internet thing for people worldwide.

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