Augmented Reality Modifying the Gaming Industry

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Gaming is supposed to be an up and coming field in India. Here, the people are lucky enough to get cheap high-speed data and cellphones, and the country’s main smartphone using population is the youth. For these reasons, phone gaming is currently much bigger than PC and console gaming. Currently, fantasy sports games, card games, and the big names like Fortnite and PUBG have the most active users. Within gaming, AR and VR gaming is expected to grow to 30 times its current value by 2025.

Recent Past

Pokemon Go can probably be remembered as the first AR game to really make an impact in the field of gaming. Augmented reality forced people to get out of their beds and to venture outside just to play on their phones. It is probably still the most famous game to incorporate augmented reality to this day, which makes one wonder why we haven’t seen more such games making a breakthrough. One reason is that Pokemon Go was received well by fans of the old show, the game gave fans the chance to catch their own pokemon. Another reason is that we’re usually against moving towards the unknown (the unknown is AR in this case). This is easier to understand by looking at the example of our unwillingness to start using VR headsets, in this case the unknown is VR. This is human tendency but it’s not like we’re never going to truly accept AR gaming, as shown by the predicted numbers.

Future plans and challenges

The current problem is that people don’t like having to hold their phones up to play AR games. The current problem with AR is that there aren’t enough affordable AR glasses in the market. Having affordable AR glasses would mean that more users could get a better and more immersive AR experience. This would make AR more widely accepted and popular.

Also, if AR grows because of this, we should get to see AR being used in other fields too. AR is already being applied in fields like exercise, sports and museums. After the development of remote AR, we’re surely making progress towards a more AR dominated gaming industry.

(The article is authored by Nishant Nijhawan, Intern, Nishant is a student of computer engineering at Delhi Technical University who believes in optimal usage of technology.)

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