Technology is Driving India’s Healthcare Accessibility and Affordability – Avin Agarwal

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Cardiotrack is a disruptive healthcare diagnostics company that is making heart healthcare more accessible and efficient. Its aim is to bridge the gap between primary care and tertiary care. The company’s mission is to significantly reduce the cost of diagnosis through continuous innovation. Its artificial intelligence cardiac care solution addresses key challenges especially in under-served areas where on-time diagnosis can make a life-changing difference.

Avin Agarwal is the Co-Founder and COO of Cardiotrack. Avin and medical electronics have shared a strong bond since the time he graduated in engineering from VTU, Bangalore. Over the years his passion for the subject has only grown stronger and he brings that hands-on knowledge and understanding to his role of co-founder and COO of Uber Diagnostics. He has worked in the Netherlands but the call of making a mark in his chosen field was too strong for him. He returned to India and dived straight into the excitement of the medical electronics world.

In an interaction with IncubateIND, Avin Agarwal talks about the role of technology in solving India’s healthcare accessibility and affordability issues. Read on!

Tell us something about yourself and what does Cardiotrack do?

Cardiotrack is a multi-parameter, IoT and AI enabled tele-cardiology platform built keeping in view the healthcare challenges faced by the emerging economies. Cardiotrack allows patient screening at home or a primary care center and also provides immediate interpretation of the scan through Cardiotrack AI and network of cardiologists. Cardiotrack is a network of primary care clinics, home healthcare providers, specialists, cardiologists and cardiac tertiary care providers to take care of acute and early stage heart patients in the most affordable manner. Currently, we are associated with NetApp as part of the NetApp Excellerator program where we have undergone business and technology mentoring. NetApp Excellerator has helped us in course correction, optimizing our business model and go – to -market strategies. Our market traction has improved because of our alliance with NetApp Excellerator. It has also helped us optimize our technical architecture and prepared us for scaled deployment. We are confident of a much larger reach for Cardiotrack through the NetApp network.

Can technology solve India’s healthcare accessibility and affordability issues?

Technology can be the game changer to solve the accessibility and affordability challenges. According to a report by PWC, technology and tele-medicine can bring down the cost of healthcare by US$90B and help cater to larger population by 2025 and Cardiotrack is aiming for it. Cardiotrack has screened 1,00,000 patients in urban and rural centers in India and saved more than 2,000 lives through early disease detection and treatment.

How AI and Robotics are transforming healthcare?

If I talk about the Cardiotrack use case, AI is helping both patient and doctors. India has close to 10,000 DM Cardiologist and majority of the Cardiologists operate from the city. Cardiotrack AI helps filter normal scans and push abnormal scans to Cardiologists for second opinion. In the process Cardiotrack AI saves time for Cardiologists utilized to review scans and helps them focus on patients needing urgent care. For patients, accurate and immediate interpretation is provided by Cardiotrack AI.

Can IoT help in predicting heart attacks and Cancer? How?

Cardiotrack is a living example of this. 40% of the scans captured on Cardiotrack are abnormal scans out of which 30% are early detectors of future heart attacks. Through timely awareness, lifestyle changes and medication we are helping patients to avoid heart attacks. IoT devices in heart healthcare space can help in point of care screening, early disease detection, analytics and remote medical support.

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