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The India Innovation Series is building India’s largest hackathon series to proffer the young talents an opportunity to showcase their talent on a single platform between Corporates, Technology Enthusiasts & Citizens and help to create technical solutions to solve the major issues emerging in our society. The IncubateIND’s India Innovation series travels to 20+ cities across India and generates enthusiasm and passion in the young potentials of India to serve towards a technically advanced and smarter nation. 

Mr.Pankaj Sharma is a final year engineering student pursuing his B.Tech in CSE branch from Maharishi Arvind Institute Of Engineering and Technology, Jaipur. He is working towards generating innovative ideas to solve the real-world problems originating in our society.

He was the first runner up at IncubateIND’s India Innovation series held in Jaipur on 28th & 29th September 2019 at Arya College of Engineering & I.T

In an interaction with Techxty, let’s see what Mr.Pankaj talks about his experience. Read On!

Can you please Introduce yourself.

Hello!! I am Pankaj Sharma. I am a Computer Science Engineer and Professionally working as a Data Science Research Intern at CSIR – Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow. I am pursuing my graduation from Maharishi Arvind Institute Of Engineering and Technology, Jaipur and currently in my 4th year. My father works as the General manager and Technical Expert at a textile industry in Surat, Gujarat and My mother is a Home-maker. I am a kind of geeky/nerdy guy and want to know everything happening in the field of technology, I like innovating new ideas to solve real-world problems. Also, my prior interest lies in the field of Artificial Intelligence and will pursue my career in the same.

Why do you participate in Hackathons?

I participate in hackathons because these are the best way to come up with all your creativity and innovations. There are a number of ideas that revolve around in the minds of the students like us and events like hackathons are the best way to express them in front of the world. Also, these types of events give us a fair check about ourselves with which we can work on our limitations and can conquer them for the best. Creativity and innovation of our mind is the supremacy and that is what I believe in. So events like these really give our creativity a right direction.

Offline or Online Hackathons? What is your preferred platform?

 I prefer offline hackathons over online hackathons because in online hackathons the participants cannot maintain a good interaction with the mentors and Interaction with mentors is the key to win because they are the ones who will shape our idea and if there’s any point where our idea is lagging then the mentors will easily find them and can convey them to us which will then mould our idea in the best possible way.

How often do you participate in Hackathons?

I always like to participate in events like hackathons because as I said I like to create new things out of my mind but till now I have only participated in a single hackathon and that is this particular one(The Indian Innovation Series) which we have conquered by winning the title of the first runner up. So yes this was my first hackathon as a Team Leader and as a contestant too.

What has been your winning score?

 As I have said this was my first hackathon so the winning score will obviously be 1 and that too as a Runner-Up. But we are looking for more opportunities from Incubate India and from other organizations as well and we hope that we can conquer the rest by being the best.

What has been the best product that you created which got the attention of the judges?

Considering that this was my first hackathon and I have only presented the first product of ours that is Travify which has also got the attention of judges. So the product which I like to mention here is Travify – “Make Travelling Your Habit”.

What has been your worst experience in any of the Hackathon?

My worst experience was in a hackathon that was organized jointly by RTU, Kota, and JECRC foundation and that was the “Smart Business Hackathon”. They announced a particular date on which the event was going to take place for that we prepared a product by working on it so hard and suddenly they postponed the hackathon by 1 month. And when we waited for one month then they declared that the hackathon is cancelled due to some issues. So that was the most terrible type of management I have ever seen and that’s why it has became the worst experience of a hackathon.

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