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KNOLSKAPE is an end-to-end learning and assessment platform for “accelerated employee development”​. By leveraging experiential technologies, industry and business contextualization, and rich talent analytics, KNOLSKAPE can accelerate learning and development in an engaging manner to help improve business performance

Rajiv Jayaraman, is the founder and CEO of KNOLSKAPE. Rajiv has built a high octane global team at KNOLSKAPE that helps organizations accelerate employee development using an integrated learning and assessment platform.

In an interaction with Techxty , Rajiv Jayaraman talks about the Transformation of Knowledge and Learning Landscape. Read On!

Tell us something about yourself and what KNOLSKAPE does?

My name is Rajiv Jayaraman. I am the Founder and CEO of KNOLSKAPE and author of ‘Clearing the Digital BLUR’. I have had the privilege of dabbling with many things. I am a TEDx speaker, a professor, trainer and coach, and write for publications like The Economic Times, Mint, Business Standard, CNBC Young Turks, ET Now, Digital Learning magazine, Entrepreneur magazine and Yourstory.in. I am also a loving husband and a proud father of two children. In a past life, I led numerous product development efforts from ground-up at Oracle USA in the server technologies division and spent my free time as a filmmaker.

I founded KNOLSKAPE while studying at INSEAD Singapore in 2008. I realised that learning was fragmented, and learning retention, impact and application were virtually untraceable. I wanted to change that, and that’s how KNOLSKAPE came to be, with the mission of transforming the knowledge and learning landscape.

As a result, we have worked with many Fortune 500 companies and premium B-Schools around the globe, helping them create stellar learning experiences for accelerated employee development. Throughout it all simulations and gamification have been our bread and butter.

How has artificial intelligence helped accelerate employee development?

A perennial problem that organizations face today is how to keep employees constantly up-to-speed so that their organization retains their competitive advantage. With the larger business landscape changing so rapidly, the speed and scale at which employees need to be transformed is unprecedented.

Artificial Intelligence makes the learning process, experience, impact and outcome HYPERPERSONALIZED. This is crucial to learning and development because a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach doesn’t work. With AI, you amass massive amounts of employee data which provides many insights that help us create customized learning interventions comprising elements that are adaptive, intuitive and relevant to the learner’s unique journey. As a result, retention and application are higher and there is a greater alignment with business requirements.

How has augmented or virtual reality helped the growth in modern workplaces?

We are still in the early stages of developing and implementing augmented and virtual reality. In the HR and learning space, we have things like VR Gear that have helped augment and fast track impactful onboarding and simulations for safe learning.

Essentially, AR/VR helps organizations fulfil the requirement to perform roles that are increasingly data-intensive and highly variable, which digital disruption has taught us is every role, especially when it comes to leadership. However, given the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous work environment we all operate in today, AR/VR helps us understand what we need to successfully fulfil our roles, as it is an interactive process.

This leads to greater clarity, higher engagement, efficiency and productivity, and exponential business value.      

What is the role of big data in human resource development?

Big data, in simple terms, refers to large amounts of real-time data about employees, customers and transactions. Employee data includes information about their skills, performance ratings, prior roles, potential, etc. This essentially tells us what the employees’ strengths are and pinpoints the risks. With Big Data, organizations can analyse, forecast and measure efficiencies and identify blind spots that hinder workplace productivity. In other words, it allows for robust training needs identification and analysis.

Once you have deployed a learning intervention, you’re still getting data out of it allowing you to measure impact of training, predict future performance and identify high potential leaders and employees.

Is HR ready to lead the robot revolution? How?

HR being prepared for the robot revolution depends on how they view it. If you’re going to look at robots as your replacers, that shows that you’re not ready. The way I see it, HR is uniquely placed. The HR function is critical at every step of the employee life cycle within the organization, including creating and sustaining the organization’s culture. With robots coming in and becoming commonplace, the role of the HR team is, in fact, elevated. There is definite anxiety among human employees about job loss. Managing that is now a crucial role for HR, along with leading man-machine collaboration, upskilling & reskilling, engagement, and motivation to inspire the workforce.

Whether HR is prepared for this or not is entirely dependent on how they view their new role, and the impact that robots will have on them.

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