Genext Students – Creating a wave of ‘TUTORPRENEURS’ across the country

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Ali Asgar Kagzi along with his cousin and Co-Founder, Asad Daud had co-founded Genext Students, one-of-its-kind platform that brings quality home tutors along with proprietary content (online & offline) to the doorstep of needy parents/students using technology as a key driver

Genext Students creates an entire learning ecosystem for students, parents as well as the tutors, enabling them to connect with each other, learn in the best possible way and grow to their maximum potential.

It facilitates the tutors to stimulate holistic development of the student through a combination of in-person tutoring and highly personalized technology-driven learning through content, tests, and real-time progress tracking and analysis, thereby addressing the pressing need for quality education in the country.

IncubateIND recently spoke with Ali via Skype Chat on the future of education and how technology is driving the new wave of innovations in education sector

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