Bonito Designs helps millennials design their future ready homes with features such as automation lighting and home lock system

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Elevating interior designing into an art of understanding spaces and customizing them to reflect the identities of their owners, Bonito Designs is a bespoke interior design studio that essentially brings in stories to spaces. The term ‘Bonito’, which means beautiful in several Western European languages, was chosen as it aptly reflected the exotic design ideas crafted by the team and the end-goal of the organization, i.e. making homes beautiful for its customers. To attain this goal, Bonito works through 5 phases-Acquaintance, Design Phase, Production, Execution and the final Handover.

In order to ensure transparency and offer customers a chance to propose iterations, Bonito Designs has also launched an app for all the partakers of the project. The tech-based app acts as a central repository and guides throughout the project pipeline. It allows customers to be a part of the project by enabling them to track the progress at which the project evolves.

Bonito Designs helps millennials design their future ready homes with features such as automation lighting and home lock system. The company also offers one-year free post-sales support service.

Sameer A.M Founder, CEO, Bonito Designs

Sameer is the CEO at Bonito Designs. Sameer pursued Computer Science at SJCE, Mysore and along with a few friends kick started Bonito Designs in 2012. IncubateIND got a chance to speak with the man at the helm of Bonito Designs and got him talking on entrepreneurship, technology`s invasion and the future of Bonito Designs.

Tell us something about yourself and what Bonito Designs does?

We provide end to end bespoke interiors solutions to home owners at an affordable price point. This includes a range of modular furniture, painting services, false ceilings, thematic decoration that covers color schemes, fabric selection for the entire house and also lighting design.

What makes you so different from other players in the industry?

The culture and the values of the company serves as a huge differentiator in this industry; for a home is an emotional and quite sensitive space for the one who buys it; a holistic solution or service isn’t possible if the workforce cannot relate to that. Apart from that, our ability to be flexible as per the customer’s engagement has helped us thrive for a long time taking into account the requirements that are unspoken by them.

What are your plans for the future?

Company has recently reset its direction towards being a design focused and customer centric entity. We are also pondering the scale factor in the given market conditions.

How do you handle your client’s feedback and how do you implement them?

It’s a hand in hand process. Although we have a defined and refined process to deliver happy homes for our customers; feedback is always welcome and is usually incorporated in our process iteratively when need be. We have a central repository where the requirements are often listed and are available for everyone to access.

What kind of challenges you face the most during this?

The hardest challenge is that the customers are really never sure of what they want. Because of the penetration of technology and visual bombardment our mind these days goes through; they often try to fit in a large sum of ideas in their defined and limited size of space they have. That’s our customer education comes into picture and poses us a challenge at a business process level.

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