Blockchain can remove the need of intermediaries in Logistics industry – Tilak Mehta

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Papers and Parcels is the disruptive force that the logistics industry and the city of Mumbai have been waiting for. Their unique doorstep pick-up and drop off delivery service has been made possible only due to the backing of the most trusted Dabbawala network combined with their latest homegrown technology.

It is a people-centric company which was the brainwave of a budding thirteen-year-old entrepreneur who saw the ingenuity in combining the Dabbawala workforce with the power of internet-enabled apps to revolutionize the courier industry as we know it today.

Tilak Mehta, Founder, Papers N Parcels is India’s youngest entrepreneur in the logistics sector. His start-up company Papers-N-Parcels, is set to bring about a digital disruption in the space of door-to-door courier pick-up and delivery services. Hailing from a family of entrepreneurs, Tilak has been a firm believer in the power of innovation and disruption.

Jignesh Brahmkhatri is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Papers N Parcels. He has been responsible for implementing the founder’s vision of disrupting the space of door-to-door courier servicing by leveraging various technology advancements and exploiting the power of mobile and the internet to make courier services faster and more cost effective for a wider customer base within the city limits.

In a conversation with IncubateIND, Tilak and Jignesh talk about the future of logistics industry in India and the impact of new technology on door to door courier services.

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