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Vidyakul is an interactive e-learning platform enabling teachers to create online courses and students to access quality education at affordable prices. Their mission is to bridge the gap between students and teachers all over India by creating an online platform which enables students to meet renowned teachers for quality, integrated, interactive learning. In August 2019, Vidyakul graduated from MOX (Mobile Only Accelerator), a programme operated by the Silicon Valley-headquartered venture capital fund SOSV – The Accelerator VC (US$650M AUM).

Mr. Tarun Saini is the Co-founder & CEO of Vidyakul. He has started and exited 2 successful edtech companies in Australia before returning to India to improve education in his home country. Seeing that students in small cities often don’t have access to quality education, he founded Vidyakul to democratize learning opportunities across India.

In an interaction with Techxty, Tarun Saini talks about the new technologies that are facilitating to transform the education industry. Read On!  

Tell us something about yourself and what does your company do?

I am Tarun. I graduated from Monash University, Australia.  In the last 8 years, I have successfully built and exited 2 startups in the education sector. 
My recent venture is Vidyakul. Vidyakul is an e-learning platform that helps students connect with local teachers for high-quality education in their own language at an affordable price. 

What does the future of online learning look like?

The Indian online education market size is $2 Billion and is just taking off.  In fact its growing 25% annually!!!
The future of online education in India is very bright. 

How is artificial intelligence changing the education industry?

AI is the next big thing in education. With AI we can clearly know the education patterns and style of students. With this, we can personalize the products we provide to the students. With AI, we can Automate and eliminate many admin tasks like grading homework and tests.
We can recommend personalized solutions to students based on their actions. We can also be creative and incorporate learning in their day to day activities as well and motivate them to study smarter. We will also be able to involve parents at every stage of student education.  

How can the Internet of things be used for online learning?

With IoT we can create smarter lesson plans, design better learning experience, enhance access to the right information and much more.
Interactive Learning will be much better and every major aspect of the student’s learning can be personalized.
Many things about the current education system like the way students are evaluated, exams and the grading process can be made much better.

How big data is going to reshape the e-learning industry?

  • We’ll know the challenges faced by students and we can provide customized solutions to everyone. 
  • We can show the courses that are best suited for the students and hide what is not relevant to them.  
  • We will be able to know not only what students want but also what they need. We can help students to take courses that will benefit them in the long-term. 
  • We will know students learning style so, teachers will be able to change their teaching style accordingly. 
  • Delivery of the courses can be made more effective.  For eg. We can send students nano lessons or complete lessons in one go as per student’s need.

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