Artificial Intelligence can never pose a Threat to Creativity & Animation – Srinivasa Raghavan

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Animaker is a fast-growing creative Saas startup that helps anyone from individuals to Fortune 500 companies to create compelling video stories with its suite of innovative DIY products. It is the fastest growing DIY video creation platform on the cloud. It is a bootstrapped venture that has been profitable from day one.

Run by a young and a vibrant team of creative technologists, Animaker has facilities in Las Vegas, Bangalore, and Chennai. Digital Marketers, Graphic Designers, Startups, Schools, Universities and Fortune 500 companies including Google, Dell, Cisco, and others, benefit from using Animaker for their video creation needs. In 2016 Animaker launched the World’s First Video Infographics App and received an incredible reception in the market.

Srinivasa Raghavan​​ is the ​CEO & Founder of Animaker​​. He is a ​creative entrepreneur and a product fanatic​​ who believes that his life’s calling is to create a platform that can help anyone tell stunning visual stories.

In an interaction with IncubateIND, Srinivasa Raghavan talks about the future of video creation and production in India. Read On!

Tell us something about yourself and what does Animaker do?

Animaker Inc. is a fast-growing Creative SaaS startup that helps anyone from individuals to Fortune 500 companies to create compelling Video stories with its suite of innovative DIY products.

Bitten by the passion for visual storytelling, RS Raghavan , the Founder & CEO launched Animaker in 2014. Today, as a DIY animated video maker, Animaker helps more than 3 million users from 170+ countries create studio-quality animated videos. Raghav’s passion single-handedly established Animaker as one of the leading cloud-based DIY Animated Video making apps in the world.

What is the future of video creation and production in India?

The power of audio-visual medium has been witnessing a meteoric rise over the last few years. If you remember, 2017 was the year when the Ad spent on the Digital medium beat the TV medium. The gap further increased in 2018. As per an article on Forbes around Mar 2018, the decline on TV Ad spend was so sharp as the digital ad spend had risen up to $107B.  2019 is going to be the year where every brand is going to spend majority of marketing dollars in the digital arena. And this will also be the year where videos can make or break the business. Forecasting the demand for online video ads, the challenge is not going to be the demand but meeting out the demand. In spite of a number of video production houses across the country, businesses are still in scout for alternate ways of visual content creation owing to exorbitant costs charged by the video producers. Online DIY video making space will be the fitting alternative and Animaker feels proud to be the major player in such a rapidly growing creative space globally.

Does Artificial Intelligence pose a threat to creativity and animation?

AI can never pose a threat to neither creativity nor animation. Artificial Intelligence can only act as a catalyst to augment creativity, lessen the efforts involved in mundane processes. For ex: Animaker believes in CQ – Creative Quotient which is going to be the most crucial trait for an individual if developed well can result in being a very successful leader and problem solver.

Creative potential has to be tapped by just allowing the flow of thoughts to happen followed by an execution and course correction. If 20% of whatever you do is creative, 80% of the rest will be just be a repetitive process that you will follow to complete any task or project or design that you create. AI can reduce the time, effort and cost involved in those repetitive 80% monotonous processes and will allow more creativity to flow through.

The real challenge will be for the animators and not animation. The core job of animator will not change. However, the way he does animation will be heavily impacted by AI and greater adaptability to the speed of change is essential to survive.

How is Virtual Reality transforming animation?

The very purpose of a technology like VR is to give an immersive experience of whatever action that you perform. Though every industry is trying to explore the advantages of VR, (for ex: Real Estate companies are trying to give a realistic walkthrough of the residential or commercial properties to the prospects in remote places) the application and commercial viabilities are still being researched. The one industry that we could witness a solid transformation happening on top VR is the Gaming Industry.

Is Visual Content really the future of storytelling? How?

Visual content has always been the most appreciated and impactful method of storytelling since ages. For ex: Demonstration of historic events through puppet shows. Any form of visual storytelling has always witnessed a great amount of reception, engagement and support from the audience.

The mediums through which the story is being conveyed have always been evolving from puppet shows to stage plays to dramas to motion picture and what not. In this digital age it is seeing a rapid transformation with the social media discoveries where all the major players like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc., are facilitating visual content distribution. The challenge here is you have the vessels to cook. You should know what, where and how to cook. So, visual content creation will be the biggest challenge that every industry and individual would face. This huge gap is being filled by Animaker that empowers people around the world create studio quality videos.

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