Wonders in Fashion Industry With on Going Technology

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India is among the world’s largest producer of textiles and garments. According to data the Domestic Textile and apparel industry contributes 2% to India’s GDP and accounts for 14% of industrial production, 27% of the country’s foreign exchange inflows and 13% of country’s export earnings. The textile & garments industry in India employs 45 million people in India. It is the second-largest employment providing sector in India after agriculture. FDI in the Textiles & garments industry has more than doubled to $ 618.9 million during 2016-17 from $ 230.1 million, a year ago Exports in the Textiles & garments industry are expected to reach $ 300 bn by 2024.

The Fashion industry and Technology
With the advancing era, the Fashion industry is combining with science and technology and is emerging out with amazing products. Clothing has got new heights, with newer developments. The Fashion industry is now digitizing with time and bringing a revolution to the markets.


Virtual markets- online shopping is now trending, with making everything in reach to everyone at their doors. Easy access to a variety of clothing is reached with the help of artificial intelligence technology.

Economic– with digitization it has become easy for the customers to select from a variety of options. If we select a dress that is not affordable we can easily find a similar clothing option at a lower range. We can even get better options from a lower range of products.

Cloth fitting- the major concern for every digital shopper is to get the right fittings for their items of clothing. Technologies can be developed where a body scanner can be used to find the appropriate fittings. For example- the marketers who sell glasses have a virtual face recognition technology which shows us which types of glasses fit on our face-cuts and allows us to experience real-time shop facilities.

Big data- in order to provide a user-friendly experience to the customers, we need to know them individually. Manually remembering huge amount of client data is not possible. Therefore, big data analytics is helping them to store huge amount of data and work individually on them.

Wearable technology
Smartwatches, dresses are in fashion which provides us with tracking facilities, there are also dresses which can predict the weather and provide us comfort accordingly, many more surprising technological developments are taking place in the fashion industry, which could protect us from the acid rain, bring safety to us, etc.

(The article is authored by Tripti Twinkle, Senior Correspondent, Techxty.com – a new age technology media platform which brings to you the latest trends & happenings in the emerging technology domain.)

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