The Big Data Analytics And Its Amazing Advantages

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The term big data was first coined by  Roger Mougalas back in 2005, which refers to the huge amount of data. This enormous data comes in various forms consisting of structured, unstructured, semi-structured data collected from various sources. With so much development the data generation has also been increased, unlike the past days where data was only generated from spreadsheets and databases. Today data is generated from various platforms like email, photo, video, PDF, audio, SMS, and many more. Manually managing these data turns very cumbersome therefore Big data analytics was introduced. It systematically extracts information and deals with the data set that is too complex to deal with the traditional way of data processing. Due to its benefits, people are incorporating big data analytics wherever necessary.

Benefits of Dig Data

Cost Reduction

Big data is advantageous in diminishing the cost of storing a large amount of data, with increased technology, the variety, and quantity of data is also increasing. To manage these data traditionally will consume a lot of money but with the help of big data analytics, the cost can be cut down. For example, in past fleet management was a very laborious task to perform. It was not at all easy to precisely manage the vehicles but with the help of big data and internet of things, the management is provided with the details of the amount of traffic present on the road and allows them to accurately manage the vehicle. The sensors are present which automatically detect the rush and generates a solution.

Fast decision

Big data analytics has enabled fast decision making while managing huge data. It processes the data and categorizes them according to the similarities. Then the key features are recognized and the suitable data is targeted. All these processes could take hours and days if done manually but with the help of big data, it can be sorted within minutes.

Fraud Detection

People are finding new ways to perform fraudulent activities, with so much increased data set it turns out very difficult or nearly impossible to detect any kind of unethical practices. Cyberattacks are also common these days. It disrupts the website and erodes customer trust leading to a decrease in business growth. Big data analytics will solve these problems as it is programmed to handle the data which are accommodating the needs, any changes in the data will be detected easily thus reducing the data treatment risk.

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