Some Real Life Applications Of The Internet Of Things

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Internet of things is a giant network of connected devices with the internet, these devices gather or share data about how they are used and the environment in which they are operated. Its all done using sensors, sensors are embedded in every physical device. These sensors emit data about the working state of the devices enabling us to ease the lives and present a perfect example for a smart life. The internet of things has turned a very general concept because everyone around the globe is having practical experience. IoT is influencing our lives from the way we react to behave. It is providing better analytics and keeping a track of both the quality and viability of data. It also helps in saving a lot of our time and also provides financial advantages. Therefore IoT is adopted in our day to day life in diversified forms.

Smart Toothbrush

It is the most essential need for everyone which is also been accorded by the internet of things, it is facilitating and advancing our lives. Smart toothbrush allows us to track the frequency of brushing, the pressure applied to the gums. It also allows us to have a check on the decaying or germs attack on any particular tooth. Thus the internet of things is enabling us to keep a check on our oral hygiene without even going to the dentist.

Fitness Tracker

Internet of things is also assisting us to keep a track of the heartbeat, pulse rate, sleeping pattern, steps walked, calories burned, activity tracking, work out statistics, and many more. Thus the internet of things is keeping a regular check of our health.

Smart Refrigerator

Of working with traditional refrigerators, smart refrigerators are in the market which keeps a check of our requirement and informs us concerning it. The sensors and cameras attached to new-age smart refrigerators allow us to monitor spoiled food items. It keeps the track of our schedule and manages our grocery list. It also maintains the temperature according to the food requirement. Thus it has turned a very effective device in limiting decaying and wastage of food.

Smart Shoes

New technologies are interceding in our lives from the top to the bottom. It is devising a huge impact on shaping our lives better. A new development has put forward the generation of smart shoes. Very few may have heard of it, but it’s going to be a very unique elevation in the fashion industry. The smart shoes enable to change the color of the shoe with just a tap on our smartphones. Now there is no need to have multiple pairs of shoes equaling our items of clothing. Only one is enough! It also monitors and keeps a record of footsteps and the calories burnt.

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