Some Precautionary Measures Fronting Cyber Crimes

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Cybersecurity refers to preventing the internet-connected things from cyberattacks. Cyber attacks lead to disruption of data, malfunction of software and hardware and unauthorized access to our personal data. Cyber attack also leads to leakage of online data which helps the cyber perpetrator to perform the fraudulent activities. In this fast-moving world, people are finding new ways to get passage to easy money. To do so they are performing acts like cyberattack, fraud and identity theft, information warfare, phishing scams, etc which is disturbing the peace of people. These hackers usually target big organizations like banks, industries, etc. It does not mean that the local people will remain unaffected by it as these hackers are also very expert in hacking personal details and account leading to major difficulties. One of the major cyberattacks was faced by Yahoo in 2014 that affected 500 million user accounts. It was massive hacking of individual data directed against a single organization.

Preventive Measures
Password Rules

It is the fundamental rule against cybercrimes. We need to keep a very strong password constituting alphabets, numbers, and symbols. In order to prevent any kind of data breaches, it is also essential to update the password at regular intervals. Also, we should stop repeating the password for different sites. To generate a high strength password we should always keep in mind to never put any password which can be easily figured, like our date of birth, nicknames, etc. The password should be long using the letter in both upper and lower case. We can also use space to make our password strong.

Identity theft

Identity theft occurs when someone gets unauthorized access to our personal data. There are various ways by which the hackers collect the personal data, for example by hacking our mail ID’s or our phones in which we usually save data. They are expert in fooling us and obtaining our information. Therefore it is important to safeguard our data, to do so we can use a VPN- Virtual Private Network, it will protect our data while we are sending or receiving any kind of information especially when we are using Wifi services.

Software update

Keeping our internet software and operating system renewed is very important if we want to keep the hackers at a distance from us. Cybercriminals usually are in the search of loopholes through our software to get access to our system. Therefore to limit possible exposures to the vulnerability we should always keep our system up to date.

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