Some Beneficial Keyboard Know-How That Can Aid Our Work Rate

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“To be prepared for the demands of the 21st century—and to take advantage of its opportunities—it is essential that more of our students today learn basic computer programming skills, no matter what field of work they want to pursue.”

Starting with the quote which unquestionably conveys the importance of knowing computers in this generation. Everyone needs to learn basic computers, the digitizing era is also very capable of demonstrating the same. Many new projects are also being launched by the government to bring digitization in India. Nowadays the computer has become the daily use tool for everyone, it is capable of accelerating the work in almost every field. Computers execute an indispensable role in every field. They aid industrial processes, they find utilization in medicine, they are the reason why software industries developed and flourished and they perform an essential role in education. This is also why the education system has made computer education a part of the school curriculum. There are some hacks or tools which could help anyone in making their working on the computer more relaxed and have a simpler and efficient experience.

  • We don’t realize that by a simple hack we can save a lot of our time while watching the video. To do this Press ] and [ to speed up and slow down the video respectively, by 0.1x. For example, we can save about 14 minutes if we watch a 2.5 hours movie 0.1x faster, without any noticeable difference.
  •  To add the ‘www.’ and ‘.com’, prefix and suffix automatically, Just type in the name of the website in the address bar on a browser and press Ctrl+Enter 
  • To boost our slow Wi-Fi signal: Download Virtual Router to turn your computer(s) into a Wi-Fi hotspot. It will extend the reach of your network.
  • To add a hyperlink to a bit of selected text, use Ctrl+K
  • Press the Windows key, and U twice in quick continuation to shut down the computer.
  • Press the Windows Key+F to quickly open the search bar to search for files or folders. 
  • Press Alt+Space Bar to quickly open the menu tab for any active window
  •  Use Shift+Delete to permanently delete a file instead of sending it to the Recycle Bin first.
  •  To highlight text on a web page: Click on the starting point, then press Shift + Click on the ending point. We no more need the mouse dragging especially in long text highlights.
  • An interesting and fun hack, press Left Alt+Left Shift and then press Enter to make your computer make a beeping sound every time you press one of the number pad keys.
  • Cltr+Z does and undo but what if we want to undo the undo. It’s great to have a shortcut for undoing an undo. Simply hit CTRL+Y
  • You can change the contrast of the screen by pressing Alt+Shift+Prt Sc.
  • Pressing F7 on a PC or Mac does a quick spell-check.
  • Make a GIF out of any YouTube video by just adding “gif” right before “youtube” in the URL.
  • Press Ctrl+F on a word document to quickly find a particular word in the text body.
  • To get the most economical Airfares Simply clear cache and cookies. Alternatively, visit the website in Incognito mode and you get to see the actual prices!
  • Add “NSFW” in the URL before “” to bypass the age restriction.
  •  Windows Key+Space Bar will change the input language, and change the keyboard layout.
  • Locate the address bar on your browser directly by pressing Alt+D.

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