Smart Homes – Constructing Intelligent Homes With The Internet of Things

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With the new technical inventions taking place and making our lives much more comfortable and more enjoyable than before, technologies are handholding us in everything, it is making the dream of smart life evolve true. With various other technologies, the internet of things is influencing our lives abundantly and bequeathing a recognizable impact on every aspect of our lives. The internet of things is shaping much about the world we live in from within from the way we drive, how we make acquisitions and even how we get energies for our homes. IoT is making it possible with the help of sophisticated chips and sensors embedded in the physical objects environing us, each transmitting valuable data. Data lets us better understand how these things work together. The Internet of things platform integrates data from many devices and implements analytics to share the data and present common language for the devices and apps to communicate with each other. Such benefit of the internet of things can be viewed in the smart houses. Smart homes or intelligent homes are the ones that employ an automated process to self-regulate the building operations and management like automatic light control, heating control, ventilation, air conditioning control, security checks, etc.

Smart homes have automated our lives and made it more convenient and flexible by connecting all the physical devices with just one interface. It prompts us of every diminutive detail we may be dropping on, for example at times we don’t close the refrigerator door properly letting a lot of wastage of energy and money but  IoT facilitates us to get quick notification about the same. It also suggests to us about the intensity of light required and dims or brightens the light subsequently. It also prevents unnecessary wastage of energy by automatically switching off the appliances when not in use. Thus enabling our energy-efficient homes. It is also helpful in strengthening the security of our homes with the use of finger print scanners and face recognition devices at our doors. Any evil endeavor to unlock the door communicates us with the notification about the same. Also with the camera installed in our homes, we can regularly keep an eye on the activities taking place in our homes through our smartphones

Smart homes also enable us to automatically adjust the temperature according to our requirements. We can also customize the thermostat through our smartphones when not present at home. Thus providing with tremendous advantages smart homes have transformed lives and made it a much more convenient place to be in.

Let us have a look at the opinions of various personalities on it:

“Residential housing is drastically changing. We have done over 100+ projects in NCR alone, on smart homes and integrating automation systems in Residential houses. From lighting to Audio / Visual controls, from curtains to appliances everything is being controlled at the touch of a finger. Lightomated has been working with Architects and Interior Designers to create that edge of technology in housing and its growing day by day at a phenomenal speed”- Vickey Koul, Founder of Lightomated

“Smart homes are an interesting evolution in how we build houses in the future. As long as we are in control of things, the Internet of things will co-exist to make us more aware of the well-being of the house”

Bhuvan Thaker , Full-Stack Marketing l Brand & Business Strategy l Digital Transformation ll CMO thoughts2connect

“IoT-driven, easy-to-control smart homes have achieved huge popularity in recent years, making our lives easier and more convenient. Industry estimates suggest that the global smart home automation market will be worth $21 billion by 2020. AI-powered smart speakers, robotic vacuum cleaners, smart lights with sensors, cameras, and digital locks are becoming more commonplace, thus improving the comfort and quality of life. In India, too, the smart home revolution is taking place. The government has welcomed the idea of building smart, intelligent cities with better infrastructure and facilities. When it comes to the co-living industry, new-age companies are turning to IoT-driven technologies to improve security and automate the delivery of services. At Colive, we have deployed a security system that includes CCTV surveillance 24×7, facial- recognition-based access system and digital locks. Additionally, we have incorporated sensor-based water lever and DG usage monitor across all our properties. The Central security monitoring (CSM)) system at Colive, allows the user to monitor the surveillance videos centrally from one location. Technological interventions have paved the way for better services while allowing us to derive a greater share of the value for ourselves. However, it’s just the beginning. Looking at the growing number of IoT devices and advancements in home automation, we can expect a future where smart homes will be built based on individual preferences.” – Suresh Rangarajan, Co-founder & CEO of Colive

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