Simplified Life! with AI, Digital Technology and Big Data

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The word digital is derived from the Latin word digitus, which means finger or toe. Technology is derived from two Greek words techne and logos. Techne means art or skill and logos mean word by which inner thoughts can be expressed.

Digital technology together uses binary codes 0 & 1, also known as bits, 1 is known as positive and 0 as non-positive. It sends, receives and generate data with the help of strings of binary digits. Before data was conveyed as electronic signals, which was referred as analog technology like telephone ,etc. Digital technology uses modem and fiber-optics transmissions to transform informations.

 Major uses of digital technology

Smartphones- These have now become the basic need of people, revolutionizing the tele-communication industry ,smartphones are being used at an extremely high rate. So handy use of phones is possible due to AI advancements along with the digital technology. It had enabled use of many digital technologies like camera, mapping ,etc on our phones.

Digital marketing – both selling and buying are now become an easy thing for everybody. People can shop and sell within infinity of range. It had made busy life of people easy on marketing platform. Its been possible due to combination of artificial intelligence, big data, and digital technology advancements.

Digital learning – books are not within reach of everyone due to various reasons, it might be any financial issue, accessibility issue, or due to orthodox nature of the society towards education. But with digital technology online tutorials, test ,evaluations etc are available in the form of e-learning  to each and everyone 24×7. With such a technological advancement near classroom environment can be easily achieved.

Digital mapping – geotechnical satellite and digital technology are combining together to find the location of any place or any person. With growing technology GPS enabled systems are now been developed which helps in finding location.

Social media – the most used thing in today’s generation, social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp etc are made possible due to digital technology ,AI , and big data analytics.

ATM’s – Automated Teller Machines enables any time financial transaction , providing people quick and easy way access to their bank accounts .

Robotics– basically a manufacturing industry product, digital robots have been developed that eases the work of the people providing help in our day to day work.

Drones and guided missiles – these are helping in digitizing the military sector , the most respectful and important sector of our society. They are now  embed with technological advancements which enables them to target more precisely to the disrupts happenings.

Banking and financing

Banking has now come to our doors -it is in 24×7 access to everyone. Transactions, payments etc can be done easily with the digital technology, which before was not at all possible without going to banks. We can easily track our accounts, block account, change PIN, edit details etc.

With so much of advancements, the digital technology uses have now become so wide that it is not possible to accumulate it within one head thus digital technology is now turning one of the leading industry working with every industry.

(The article is authored by Tripti Twinkle, Senior Correspondent, – a new age technology media platform which brings to you the latest trends & happenings in the emerging technology domain.)

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