Rejuvenate India With Renewable Energy Installations

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Renewable energy from as name suggests is the type of energy that can be renewed from time to time. There is no shortage of such type of energy, it is available in abundant. These are produced from the source which is not going to be extinct so soon. The most common type of renewable energy are solar energy, wind energy, hydro energy, geothermal energy, bioenergy, tidal energy, and ocean energy.
Solar energy is derived from sunlight. Sunlight is converted into solar energy with the help of solar panels. After conversion, the energy can be used in our houses for lighting, heating, etc. Solar cookers are also widely used these days, which uses sunlight to cook food preventing lots of fuel consumption.
Winds are generated due to the differential heating of earth surface, these winds are then converted into wind energy with the help of wind turbines. It is a sustainable form of energy and a big alternative to fossil fuels.
Hydropower or hydroelectric generator uses the speed of water for energy conversion. Water is stored in the reservoir, which flows through the penstock, the speed of fast-flowing water rotates the turbine and generates electricity which could be used in various forms.
Geothermal energy is the energy which is not generated due to the sun, not all renewable energy is generated from the sun. It uses the earth’s internal heat to generate energy. Water or steam carries the geothermal energy to the earth’s surface.
Bioenergy, it is obtained from the organic matter of living organisms. This can range from wood, plants, agriculture to food waste. it can be used to produce fuels, electricity, etc. This energy is also a very important source of renewable energy.

Benefits of technological advancements in renewables
The Renewable energy industry is providing a lot of employment opportunities to people. According to IRENA’s estimates, the renewable energy sector employed a record 10.3 million people worldwide in 2017.

Engineer electric woman checking and maintenance of solar cells.

Renewable energy resources produce little or no pollution as compared to fossil fuel uses thus preventing health-related issues generated due to air pollution.
Renewable energy reduces greenhouse gas emissions, thus preventing the toxification of the environment on a large scale.
Cost-efficient – even though initial cost of installation is very high but on a comparative basis, if we install it once, it would turn out cost-efficient in long use.

Use of renewables -Make in India

According to data India is the 5th largest power generation portfolio in the world, India’s renewable energy contribution stands at 44.8 GW, which includes 27.4 GW of wind power and 8.06 GW of solar power installed capacity. Under the ‘Make in India’ campaign, Prime Minister Modi aims to raise the renewable capacity to 175 GW by 2022 from 45 at present. This will include the 100GW of solar power and 60GW from Windpower.
The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) is the nodal Ministry of the Government of India for all matters relating to new and renewable energy.

Therefore new technological development is required in the field of renewable energy so that pollution created due to non- renewable sources of energy like fossil fuels, coal petroleum, etc can be minimized and a better environment can be created.

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