New Technologies Working Towards the Betterment of the Gaming Industry

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In a country like India which is digitizing at such a breakneck rate and internet connectivity has entered every house, the young generation of the country with the second-highest population in the world is driving toward the gaming industry and is ready to give a boost to it. According to data with a turnover of $890 million in 2018, the video game sector is still underdeveloped compared to other Asian countries such as China and South Korea. However, many video game companies are beginning to invest, and India could become an important market for this sector. To conducted by KPMG, the number of game development companies in India today stands at around 275. This number was a mere 25 in the year 2010. Technology has made the gaming industry boost on a different level, amazing advancements have made the future of the gaming industry future much brighter.
Facial Recognition

Face Recognition is the way of identifying a human face with the help of technology which uses biometric traits to map facial features, it is being used tremendously these days due to its high security providing the feature .in gaming industry it provides to create a similar-looking avatar or player which provide a more near to real-time experience and also makes it much more fun-loving platform to be in.
Voice recognition

Voice recognition feature in the gaming industry allows the gamers to play with the voice as the controller. The gaming platform with the machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithm is capable of recognizing the voice and the character in the game acts accordingly. The action of the player is governed by the voice of the player. With this feature of computer recognizing the voice of the user, it has brought new transformation in the betterment of the gaming industry.
Virtual Reality

VR is largely used by the gaming industry. It is opening new horizons for the gaming industry and individual gamers. It is providing a new level of interaction for gamers. It is providing a real-time gaming environment for gamers which is adding more fun to their games. Genres like shooters, adventure, stimulations, fights, got enhanced all because of virtual reality technology. VR provides players with entirely new and improved gaming experience. When you wear a VR headset, such as the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or PlayStation VR, you become absorbed by your personal gaming world. Being in the game instead of merely playing it changes the whole experience by creating a connection between the player and the game.

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