Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Molding the World

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Mixed Reality is combined or hybrid reality. It produces new reality or a miscellaneous reality by coupling the virtual and real world. It combines the physical and digital objects and makes it interact in real-time The first immersive mixed reality system, providing enveloping sight, sound, and touch was the Virtual Fixtures platform developed at the U.S. Air Force’s Armstrong Laboratories in the early 1990s. Mixed reality allows a global workforce of remote teams to work together and tackle an organization’s business challenges. Virtual reality is a technology that uses software to creates a real-time experience for the customers. It is presented in such a way that the artificial environment looks real to them. Presently Virtual Reality system uses VR headsets or multi-projected environment to provide a real-time view. The person using virtual reality equipment can move around in the virtual world and interact with virtual features. The effect is commonly created by VR headsets consisting of head-mounted display with a small screen in front of the eyes, but can also be created through specially designed rooms with multiple large screens. Augmented Reality is among the leading technology working in the economic growth of the country. AR basically enhances the real world information through computer generated program. The term augmented reality was first coined by Boeing researcher Tom Caudell. In 1968, a Harvard professor and computer scientist by the name of Ivan Sutherland invented what he called The Sword of Damocles. It was the first type of augmented reality device. Augmented reality makes reality more meaningful and provides a better interaction opportunity. Due to its diversified significance, it is being widely used. Due to its diversified features AR, VR, and MR are used in various applications.


VR is widely used by the gaming industry. It is opening new horizons for the gaming industry and individual gamers. It is providing a new level of interaction for gamers. It is providing a real-time gaming environment for gamers which is adding more fun to their games. Genres like shooters, adventure, stimulations, fights, got enhanced all because of virtual reality technology.


As we could generally find nowadays that shopkeepers use their smartphones to compare the prices, choose between various requirements, etc. All this is done by AR technology, it has provided a big boost in the sales and marketing industry. It is providing customers to get real-time experience and choose between diversified options. Apps are being developed which helps the customers to get a wide range of options.

Reducing anxiety

Virtual reality consists of various software, one of the software focuses on reducing the anxiety level in people. It consists of software programmed in such a way that it can track the eye once the person puts on the headset and it can tell about the anxiety level and can treat it. It can also be used to treat post-traumatic disorders, depression, phobia, etc.

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