Hybrid Cloud Services – Growth Story Decoded

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Hybrid cloud is an integrated cloud service where the client organization makes use of both private and public clouds to perform various functions within an organization. In the hybrid cloud environment, some computing resources are managed internally while others are managed by a third party.

The demand for Hybrid cloud is increasing as organizations are looking to be able to access cloud services on demand while keeping some cloud foot print away from a shared environment. The hybrid cloud solution is seen to offer a number of benefits, such as a reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), higher security, greater flexibility, agility, and improved economies of scale.

These represent the major factors that are expected to drive the growth of the Hybrid Cloud Market in India as organizations meet a growing need for inter-operability between cloud services and their existing systems, as they seek to avoid vendor lock-in while accessing a growing number of digital services and applications. The rising need for more computational power and the rapid digitalization of Indian business is opening new avenues for providers who supply into the Hybrid Cloud Market across India.

With 30-40% of enterprises adopting the Hybrid cloud, India is fast emerging as a major hybrid cloud market. Consideration of hybrid cloud is high due to the benefits it can bring. India is depending more on hybrid cloud as the demand for on-premise and fully private cloud will continue to prevail in other markets.

The role of cloud providers such as Sify and Netmagic has been significant in driving adoption of Hybrid cloud in India.

While the adoption of public clouds like Amazon, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud is more among the startups and SMEs owing to issues of cost and manageability, it’s larger enterprises that are investing in private cloud in order to have better data and security controls.

But private cloud still remains a more expensive option that may require also configuration of the company’s other data infrastructure, more sophisticated management and operation, new skill sets and training for staff.

So there are two directions –one towards a bespoke architecture and the other towards commodity services, but what you may need is a position between the two which gives the ability to control and manage, to receive defined service levels, know that your data is stored locally and also a system versatile enough to be billed as a ‘pay as you go’. Hybrid cloud is seen to meet these requirements.

For these reasons, hybrid cloud is gaining traction in India as, while it may not be the answer for every company, it can offer the advantages of both private and public cloud.

(Authored by Naveen Lawrence, Director-Sales, Datacenter Dynamics)

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