Evolving Technologies And Its Diversified Applications

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New inventions are taking place worldwide, enabling tremendous growth in every sector of our lives. The trending technologies like artificial intelligence augmented reality, big data, virtual reality, blockchain and many more are revolutionizing various industries in their own way and magically and exponential helping in their growth. It has made possible a much simpler tech-driven life for us. With its technical assistance, it has also provided our economy to grow at a much higher rate. Let’s see how different technologies are affecting different sectors of our society.

Big data and finance

The finance sector consists of the immense amount of data which is needed to be handled carefully and accurately. Therefore, to manage this data, big data analytics is used. It helps in maintaining records of the people and study the history of the client and figure out whether the person is suitable for providing a loan or not. It also detects any fraud attempts going to take place by accurately studying the data. Thus, it minimizes fraud activity and brings precision to the banking industry. It also saves a lot of time of people by quickly managing the database and providing the required information.

Search engines and data science

With the technical development and digitization, the social industry needs to handle much more data than before. According to data, Google process over forty thousand search queries every second on an average which translates to a 3.5 billion search each day. Google is the best and the most widely used search engine, there are various other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Ask, etc. all the search engines use the data science analytics to process the data and bring the best outcomes (search results). It is also so compelling that it gives us the result within seconds.

AI and Gaming

AI is efficient in enhancing the user experience providing a real-time view of the gaming activity. From board games to interactive games artificial intelligence impact has concurred all over. Artificial intelligence application has enhanced the graphics to the next level. AI has enabled both to lower the budget in the game design and upgraded the user experience coexist.

AR and education

Traditionally, the bookish method of education provided us with written information and some 2D pictures which only gave us a theoretical learning experience but with the development of new technologies, several apps were developed which provided a 360-degree view of the related information. It gave the student a real-time view as if they are present there thus providing them practical experience and making the detailings more visible.

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