Evolution of Transportation Industy in the Technology Age

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With the ongoing development, transportation and technology are running together at a fast pace and contributing to the overall economic growth of our country. According to data, the Indian transportation industry is continually growing at a CAGR of 15 percent. With over seven million goods vehicles moving around the country, the freight volume has reached 1,325 billion ton-km, a figure that is supposed to double by 2025. We spend almost 14 percent of our GDP on transportation and logistics, whereas in developed countries the spend is around 6-8 percent.

Technology and transportation

Navigation: With artificial intelligence advancements, automobiles are provided with the Global Positioning System (GPS). It is a satellite-based navigation system used to determine ground position. We can easily find the routes with the navigation system and reach the destination quickly with the shortest route feature.

Accident Prevention: Technology has enabled automobiles with the sensors which tell the driver about the wrong positioning of the vehicles and warns about any casualty going to take place. There are also technologies that overdrive the driver’s control in case of any emergency when the driver is not able to take the accurate decision.

An insurance agent resolving a car accident

Driver Checks: technologies have derived features which studies the driver’s actions and body language and can easily identify whether the driver is in the position to drive or not? With such advancements, we can assure a safety check before the ride.

Automated Automobiles: self-driven cars are the new development in this sector. Google cars and Tesla are making the dream of the autonomous car turn true. These cars will run without drivers with the help of navigation technology. With the sensors, they would be able to identify the traffic and maintain the speed accordingly.

Hyperloop: this technology is going to be the future of long-distance travel. Hyperloop is a concept of the pneumatic tube that uses a series of linear induction motors and compressors to propel vehicles at super-fast speeds. The first proposed Hyperloop would connect Los Angeles and San Francisco and allow passengers to complete the 350-mile trip in just more than half an hour. If this technology succeeds then it will cut short a lot of travel time.

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