Digitizatized Revolution- The Fourth Industrial Revolution!

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Digital transformation is bringing new development worldwide. It is changing and modernizing the way people live. In this era, technology has concurred everything. It has simplified our lives in every aspect. Every sector of our society is now a tech-driven journey.

Industrial Revolution
Beginning with, The First Industrial Revolution used water and steam power to mechanize production. The Second used electric power to create mass production. The Third used electronics and information technology to automate production. Now its time for the fourth industrial revolution, this revolution is taking forward the third revolution and is combining it with digitization. This revolution has great possibilities in shaping a better future for us.

Digital Applications
Smartphones- smartphones have become the basic necessity of people nowadays. This is because of technology like AI. It has made our cell-phones smarter. Communication is redefined with technological advancements. There are various digital features like camera, calculator, personal television, etc, available on our smartphones.

Digital learning- education is the most important thing for anyone, but the problem is that education is not in reach for everyone because of plenty of reasons. The only method to solve this problem is through digital learning, commonly known as e-learning. Since the internet is now widely available at cheap rates, therefore anyone willing to learn can go for the online classroom course, online study material,etc teachers are also available online for any kind of support or guidance. A personalized real-time learning experience is created through digitization.

Digital Marketing- it is also one of the most important things in both the terms of selling or buying. Before only people who owned a shop were able to sell, but now with digitization, everyone can now become a seller from their comforts. Various apps are generated which enable us to sell our used things and get an appropriate price for it. Same in the case of purchasing, now people can easily use websites like Flipkart, Amazon, etc to buy anything and pay for it online or offline according to their convenience.

Digital automobiles- our cars, vehicles, etc are now using a computer programmed system in order to check for our safety and security. The automated navigation system has helped us to find routes easily, self-driven cars are also going to be new technological advancement.

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