Digitization! The Next Step In Reforming The Education Industry

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“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family”- Kofi Annan

Education is the backbone of every society and education must be made available to everyone. To ensure this we have to modify the traditional method of learning and adopt new technologies in this field. Digitization is turning as an aid in accomplishing the same, it had made learning electronic and widen its availability to 24×7. Anybody with internet access can learn anything at any time, the boundaries to education have been destructed. Technologies in the education sector are changing the methodology for both educators and modern-day learners. People are adopting new methods other than just bookish learning and prefer a more realistic learning experience. Digitization has brought drastic changes in the education sector nationally and globally.

Let us see what various personalities have viewpoints on the same. Read On!

“Yes to some extent digitization can help today’s industrial age education industry in reaching the unreachable population of the country, that said, reform is only possible when the education system is rebooted to focus on the needs of the 21st century and beyond. Digitization today at best can accelerate churning out dolly people with the existing system of education. As more people are empowered to think for themselves, one size fit education of the 20th century requires a reboot. In this context, the Ancient Indian education system focused on empowering human capabilities at all the four levels of human existences i.e. physical, mental, emotional and spiritual; this allowed an individual to adapt to circumstances and new technologies with changing times.Education with the right framework is need of the hour, once we have this technology can help to accelerate the spread of it for sure.”-
– Bhuvan Thaker, Full-Stack Marketing l Brand & Business Strategy l Digital Transformation ll CMO thoughts2connect

“My opinion: “With the influx of digitalization, the education industry is currently undergoing a tremendous change. Online courses, flexibility to give online exams, animation, etc. are taking over the sector in a new manner. Digital textbooks provide an interactive interface in which the students have access to multimedia content such as videos, interactive presentations, and hyperlinks. Every school, university, etc. should keep up with the changing times, in order to avoid being left behind.” -Sakshi Talwar, Co-Founder, Rugs and Beyond

“We have seen how digital advancements have metamorphosed learning into a worthwhile experience for students of varying abilities. This is a big accomplishment for all ed-tech companies who have inspired their teams to greater efforts in launching a wide array of solutions to make learning spaces intellectually stimulating. The education milieu in our country needs a major overhaul in terms of the existing teaching-learning methods for children and the curricula presently delivered in schools. In light of the current scenario, technological interventions have assumed greater importance than was imagined before. Ed-tech companies have envisaged a paradigm shift in the way education has hitherto been looked at in our country. Along with The Right to Education Act (2009), the new policies proposed by the government underscore the importance of instituting changes in the archaic methods of teaching and learning in classrooms. Students ought to be equipped with the right digital tools to hone their 21st-century skills, such as critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication. Technology-enabled learning solutions such as Learning Management Systems (LMS), artificial intelligence-powered adaptive assessments, augmented reality-powered visuals, digitally-embedded content such as Claymation, Craftmation, interactive audio-visuals, etc., bridge the gap between fictional and real worlds for students, and what’s more, they whet their appetite for a variety of learning projects. As schools are gearing up for a digital future, they are caught up in a vortex of transformations. The educational landscape has drastically changed and schools are making efforts to embrace new changes with a spirit of optimism. They foresee the advantages offered by this digital age and go a step forward on their road to transformation. This also purveys a positive message to ed-tech companies whose co-operation and continued support are integral to the efficient running of schools”. Mr. Beas Dev Ralhan, Co-Founder & CEO, NextEducation India Pvt Ltd.

“Absolutely. It is already changing the way the new generation learns and interacts. It can take quality education to far flung places, connect parents and teachers, identify strengths and weaknesses for strategic interventions; and overall, add immense value to the way the new generation is growing. “- Varun Bhutani, MD, Tangish (a product of Trihund Solutions Pvt. Ltd.).

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