Development of Smart Cities With The Internet of Things

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Growing technology is continuously taking a step forward towards the smart development of the nation. Life is running at a fast pace with these technologies primarily by causing small changes in our lives. From the way we communicated, navigation technology, reading and learning, gaming and many more everything has been transformed drastically. It is now the time for the fourth industrial revolution which has its digitization effect globally. Technology like the internet of things is also having a major impact on our life. It is basically connecting the physical devices with the internet. Embedded with electronics, Internet connectivity, and other forms of hardware, these devices can communicate and interact with others over the Internet, and they can be remotely monitored and controlled. IoT has enabled many developments along with the development of smart cities. Smart cities use a different type of electronic IoT sensors to collect and manage the data. It also incorporates information and communication technology to enhance the condition and execution of urban services such as energy, transportation, and utilities in order to reduce resource consumption, wastage and overall costs. It also helps in providing a clean and sustainable environment.

Components of Smart City

Smart Lighting

With the smart lighting feature, it is now possible to save a lot of energy since IoT enabled smart life is enabled to automatically detect the wastage of light at any place and switch it off instantly. It automatically dims the light at place where it is not much required for example at the parking blocks the sensors can easily detect the incoming or outgoing of the vehicle and automatically adjust the intensity of the light. It is capable of delivering light based on demand in various zones.

Smart Homes

With the help of future transformation in the building industry, it will make the life of humans much easier than before. the smart building or Intelligent building are the ones that use an automated process to self-regulate the building operations and management. It includes automatic light control, heating control, ventilation, air conditioning control, security checks, etc. Smart building operations are possible due to smart engineering and creative design integration.

Smart Waste Management

Waste management collectively refers to collecting, transporting and disposing of the garbage, sewage, and other waste materials. Combining with the internet of things it has been given an altogether different perspective. With the help of IoT smart bins have been generated which can separate the type of waste and thus reduce the human effort in segregating the waste, which usually not followed manually. the smart waste bins sort the waste into four categories namely glass, paper, plastic, metal. IoT also helps the sanitation department in keeping a track of the type of waste so that better waste disposal methods could be identified.

Smart Transportation

IoT is bringing a new revolution to the transportation industry with its unique technologies. It has made tracking and road safety system quite easier, even fleet management also has become quite organized and managed post involvement of IoT. Sensors are installed on roads with the help of which and along with big data analytics and the Internet of things, accurate traffic study is possible in a very less period. Automated traffic signals are generated which facilitate proper traffic management and control.

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