Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Serving to Structure the Digital World

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After the demonetization took place in India under PM Narendra Modi Governance, people went short of money, it became very difficult for everyone to purchase or sell anything with zero cash availability. People went out of cash till the old currency got destructed and new printing took place. During this duration, a new technology concurred our lives and turned as a boon for everyone and sorted all the demonetization issues. This was digitization!
Digitization basically refers to converting the analog information into a binary form. Binary codes include 0 & 1, also known as bits. 1 is known as positive and 0 as non-positive. It uses strings of binary digits to sends, receives and generate data. It solved all the issues related to transactions.

Big data and digitization
With digitization, one challenge that comes up is handling the huge amount of data. According to data, every credit card transaction, every message we send, even every web page we open. It all sums up to a total of 2.5 quintillion bytes of data that the global population produces on a daily basis. To solve this issue big data analytics came into the picture. Big data gives us a full view of the business, customer requirements, their behavior pattern, data-driven.

Artificial Intelligence and Digitization
Artificial intelligence is the most trending technology, it has changed the whole way things used to work. Artificial intelligence has made automation and digitization intelligent. It has made digitization effects more pronounced. AI has accelerated the digitization process and made it much efficient. Thus bringing a new revolution in the future of digitization.

Thus digitization has reformed the traditional way of doing business. It’s been working as a catalyst proving accuracy every defining way. It has enhanced the decision-making process by providing one view of complex data. It has encouraged innovation, even though innovation does not completely depend on digitization but it helps a long way in pushing new has made communication easier by providing many visual calling and many texting options. Thereby is working as a boon for every individual.

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