Artificial Intelligence Taking Over Human Resource!

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Human Resource (HR) managers are supposed to work with people, look after the interests of the company’s employees. It only makes sense that if automation becomes a big thing, they’ll be the ones delivering the bad news to the employees.

The recent trend has been anything but that and, personally, I hate how it’s happening, their HR jobs are being taken over by chatbots and automation. One can almost imagine a robot breaking the bad news to HR managers, apologizing for taking their jobs. All jokes aside, HR managers are losing significance in the hiring process and performance evaluation, and automation is quickly taking over.

HR jobs require some knowledge of prediction

There is a silver lining, AIs don’t just replace humans completely in HR. An AI just makes certain tasks like prediction more accurate. Everyone knows how prediction works though, it isn’t supposed to be random, and it works on past data. When it comes to hiring, an HR manager needs to predict whether a candidate’s resume is good enough for the candidate to earn an interview. They are also supposed to evaluate performances of the team and see if an employee deserves a raise or a promotion. This means that using an AI would remove any personal element in decisions that should be devoid of personal elements and touches. Only the deserving should get pay raises, promotions, and job interviews.

But HR is an interpersonal job at its core

The previous paragraph ends on a rather negative tone, especially if you’re an HR manager, but I wasn’t lying about there being a silver lining. AI will definitely affect HR managers but the fact that the core of the job involves human relations and employee satisfaction, it doesn’t really make sense to completely replace all HR managers with AI. Similar experiences with AI suggest that the changes made to a job due to incorporation of technology usually exposes the need to have actual people in those jobs.

A human face would still be needed to deliver the crushing news of being fired, even if the numbers are crunched by an AI. The next few years will offer some clarity. Although, I’d still suggest that all HR managers start learning some new skills too, just in case. Because I’d be really scared if I was an HR manager!

(The article is authored by Nishant Nijhawan, Intern, Nishant is a student of computer engineering at Delhi Technical University who believes in optimal usage of technology.)

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