AI in Building Information Modelling – Advanced Construction Potential

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Building information modelling (BIM) is a software that helps in 3D designing and modelling ,useful in Architecture Engineering Construction and Operation (AECO) Industries. It integrates planning, designing and construction of a building within one 3D model.

In the past construction work was done with the help of 2D drawing, designing which could not tell us about the exact dimensions and design of the project and also accuracy was not reached. From the blueprint technology, new technology evolved which transformed 2D technology to 3D CAD (Computer-Aided Design) which led to improvements in design, reduction of error in designing and drafting, visual clarity of the design and increased the productivity of the designer. With more advancement of the technology, BIM is now the star of the AECO industry which is way more than just 3D modelling.

Technologies in BIM


Artificial Intelligence is combining human intelligence with machine learning. AI is the most growing technology in today’s world. With the help of BIM, AI now combines with Architecture, Engineering Construction and, Operation Industry. Autodesk Revit is one such BIM software that allows users to design buildings and internal components in 3D. AI helps digitize the whole construction process by real-time visualization.

Construction worker using AI


AR VR helps in reducing design coordination errors in construction. It helps in increasing the efficiency by creating an augmented work system.AR glasses help in having a view of the constructions at the construction site which are not physically present. VR enables to review the design and rotate the design in a 3D space. They uses laser scanners to validate the entire project which makes the construction process more accurate.

Big Data in construction

Big data is the huge amount of data available, in construction industry due to too much of detailing a lot of data accumulates.

Therefore we need to introduce big data analytics in construction industry. It helps to keep the track of completion time and delays in the project. It helps to estimate budget with better understanding of cost and timeline. It helps in lowering the risk of the project by providing quality and quantity assessment in detailed form.

More technologies in construction

With more digitization, the construction industry is also growing at a very fast pace.

BIM is evolving from 2D to 3D to 5D in the new world. Virtual meetings are taking place of personal meetings, paper projects have turned into digitized projects. New software has been developed which helps in quality check of the building materials. The safety check can be properly done now, therefore with increasing technology the future of construction is also enhancing leading to better in future construction projects.

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