Advantages Of Big Data Analytics In Today’s World

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Big data usually includes data sets with sizes beyond the ability of commonly used software tools to capture, curate, manage, and process data within an adequate elapsed time. Big data refers to a huge amount of data both structured and unstructured. A 2016 definition states that “Big data represents the information assets characterized by such a high volume, velocity, and variety to require specific technology and analytical methods for its transformation into value. Big data analytics orderly extract information and deal with data set that are too complex to deal with the traditional way of data processing. Due to its benefits, people are combining big data analytics wherever necessary.

Advantages of Big Data Analytics
Website Traffic

Big data analytics plays a very significant role in drawing traffic to their website. It focuses on bringing the right content at the right time to the customers. Based on prior views and our behavior online we are given recommendations according to our likings. All these are possible due to big data analytics which can manage huge individual choices and manage accordingly.

Media Centric Service

Before it was only possible to change the channels according to our interest but other than that we majorly had channels on our television which did not have any reference to us. But with data-centric media services we can pay according to what we view, the subscription process is present which enables us to save a lot of money. Also, big data has helped in understanding the genres we like and keep a track of it.

Quick Decision

Big data analytics has enabled fast decision making while managing huge data. It processes the data and categorizes them according to the similarities. Then the key features are recognized and the suitable data is targeted. All these processes could take hours and days if done manually but with the help of big data, it can be sorted within minutes.

Sales Scheduling

The salesperson time is very valuable because they have to reach the maximum number of customers in a limited time. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are enabling to manage the salesperson schedule based on the sales score and potential customers thus providing them with maximum selling opportunities.

Education and Big Data

With internet availability, eLearning has been possible. Before education was only confined to the classrooms which provided learning for a limited time at a fixed place. But big data and IoT has made education reach home. Anybody having access to the internet can learn online through various education websites and apps. People can also download books, novels, Pdf, Study material, etc and read from them. Online test series, guides are also present which provide a real-time learning experience to people.

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