Advancements Of Artificial Intelligence And Its Emerging Varieties

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Artificial intelligence is the most outstanding development so far with amazing potential to change the way we live. It has made our life super smart and changed the standard of living. With its multiple features, it can make its recognition in every field from initials to the end. AI is having a revolutionary impact on society. Artificial intelligence is also known as machine intelligence or computational intelligence, synthetic intelligence, it is a part of computer science which combines machine learning with human intelligence. It makes a machine learn and take decisions like a human. Research and development work in AI is split between two branches. One is labeled “applied AI” which uses these principles of simulating human thought to carry out one specific task. The other is known as “generalized AI” – which seeks to develop machine bits of intelligence that can turn their hands to any task, much like a person.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

Reactive Machines
The reactive machines are the oldest type of AI having very confined properties. This is the most basic type of artificial intelligence having the only reactive capability. They do not have any memory-based work that is neither they can form memories nor they can react from past experiences. They don’t have any ability to learn and are therefore called reactive machines as they only respond and react to the present situation. A popular example of a reactive AI machine is IBM’s Deep Blue, a machine that beat chess Grandmaster Garry Kasparov in 1997.

Limited Machines
Limited machines are modification to the reactive machines, other than having the ability to react to the situation, these machines can also learn from the past experience and remember the historical experience data to make the decisions. Almost all present-day AI applications use the limited memory AI. Some of its examples are chatbots, self-driven cars, virtual assistants.

Theory of Mind
This is next-level AI, Forepasing the reactive machines and limited machines. The theory of mind AI will be able to better understand the emotional aspects, believes, and thought processes. The artificial intelligence, in this illustration, will interact will emotional intelligence. Researchers are working on it and coming up with more modified artificial intelligence and trying to shape our lives in a much smarter way than before.

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