10 Leadership Books To Read If You Are Just Starting

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If any Organisation aims at succeding then it must have Fixed long term as well short term goals. An Organisation needs a proper Management System to be accomplished. It is also CEO’s Responsibility to establish strong management system. A CEO of an Organisation should be responsible for establishing well decisioned ideas. It is an Obvious thing that person chosen should have the ability to adapt the ideas and changes for Implementation. Nevertheless The More you learn the more you become aware of the challenges to be faced in upcoming future.

It does not matter at all if you are new to this role or have experience there will be always something innovative to learn. Establishing an Individual as CEO is not easy as the individual needs to have Proper Knowledge and skills which can be gained by reading good books,magazines,as well enhancing Capabilities.

Here are the 10 books which portrays 10 Steps which CEO must prefer to get the Right Lessons and Principles before stepping into a New Endeavour:

1. Start with Why:

Being Authored by Simon Sinek,It narrates Reconciling of the real life stories of the World’s Greatest leaders.The Book shows the Journey that portrays the journey of Vision and Charateristics of a good leader with each chapter.

2. Personal History:

An Autobiography by Katharine Graham,The Only Women who have portrayed the role of CEO for a Fortune 100 Company.This Autobiography book is basically for those people who feel stuck in case of self doubt,it also reveals the sort of secrets of being an Unforgettable.

3. The Hard Thing About Hard Things:

Beren Horowitz speaks about  the arena which exists in the Management World.Everyone should prefer it before toanalyze your own thoughts and steps for a Fruitful Deed.

4. The Goal:

Dictated by Eliyahu Goldratt the Book narrates the inner view of CEO’s Mind.This Book provides the guidelines to get enlightened about the Primary Obstacles one might face while proceeding towards a business.

5. Emotional Intelligence:

Being Narrated by Daniel Goleman, Speaks about How Self Rejection is the most Abandoned trait of Perfect leadership.It Speaks about the 5 Keys of EQ – Self Awareness,Self regulation,Empathy,Social Skills and Internal Motivation.

6. How to win Friends and Influence People:

Founded by Dale Carnegie ,One of the best Motivational Books based on Leaders ,It shows How Honest Communication, Appreciation excluding Manipulation are considered as the greatest assets to rule the hearts of Audience.

7. How to have Confidence and Power in dealing with People:

Composed by One of the most Influencing HR Manager,Leslie T.Gablin This Book conducts the Art of Interaction And Effective Management for establishing a Sucessful Business.Separate Stages of this Book explains the key Management Goals – Cooperation, Security and Goodwill as well How One can Abide win win Situation when Communicating with others.

8. CEO Flow:

Authored by Aaron Ross.A Book that narrates about the Personal Experience he gained in Technology Companies.It Shows Trusting Employees with Critical Responsibilities can lead the Business to Sucess and Enhance Peace of mind.

9. Good to Great:Why Some Companies Make the Lead And Others don’t?

Authored by Jim Collins.This Book helps to get an clear idea about Business Traits ,Management Skills ,in order to achieve more profit and lead the company to a long term sucess.It also describes the turning point of a company where it turns from good Companies to Great Companies as well the reasons why and how company turn unsucessful.

10. Decisive – How to make Better Choices in Life and Work:

As it is known that Making mistakes  is an imminent traits of Human Beings.Chips and Dan resolutions helps to recognise and avoid bad decisions as well follow easy route to success.

These 10 books provide great insights and lessons shared by some of the prominent personalities in the Business world.An Individual can be betterly prepared to be a great CEO.

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