Technologies like Artificial Intelligence can make rental market Robust and Efficient – Akshay Bhatia

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Mutterfly is a rental marketplace for premium products that offers an easy access to a luxurious lifestyle and helps you earn by renting your unused items. A technology driven platform, Mutterfly has created a sharing network which allows users to earn anything between INR. 5,000 to 30,000 by renting out their products.

Akshay Bhatia, Founder and CEO, Mutterfly is an ex-Morgan Stanley banker. Akshay began his entrepreneurial journey building a food-sharing network and in the process discovered a larger market that allowed people to experience aspirational products without buying them. That’s how Mutterfly was born.

At Mutterfly, Akshay leads the strategy and product and has been instrumental in scaling Mutterfly to over 70,000 users. He often delivers the products himself to understand his customers better. This has helped him adopt an agile leadership style where he believes in the practice of ship fast and iterate faster. Akshay is an avid squash player and loves keeping up to date with technology trends across the globe.

In a conversation with IncubateIND, Akshay Bhatia talks about the future and the role of new technology in disrupting the online rental industry.

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